I Believe (10-10-2008)

I Believe (10-10-2008)


Previously posted 10-10-08


I Believe (10-10-08)

I am a Catholic, and though I am not always the best practicing Catholic, I believe in the Catholic Faith.


I believe that whether you are of another Christian Faith, the Jewish Faith (the Faith of my Savior), the Muslim Faith (the Faith that speaks more of Jesus’ Mother Mary in the Koran than the Bible) or of another faith you have the right to worship God and relate with God in your own way. I believe God will communicate with you in His and your own way throughout your life and that God with his Son Jesus will judge you in the end. It is not for me to judge your Faith that is for Him. I can only judge how you act toward me, my friends, and those who in one way or another you touch in life.


I believe there are Utopianists who don’t understand the mechanisms to make the world a better place. I believe there are Realists who don’t understand how to change to make the world a better place.


I believe the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions but without good intentions we can’t make the world a better place.


I believe that A. Lincoln had it right when he said “Let us have Faith that Right Makes Might and in that Faith let Us Dare to Do Our Duty as We Understand it.”


I believe that Martin Luther King made the generations who have followed him better human beings and a better world to live in.


I believe John F. Kennedy was right when he said “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” And that this should be applied in the broadest sense.


I believe in Liberty, Freedom, Truth, Honor, Justice and Equality.


I believe that love is the most important thing in life. I believe the most important things are God, Family, Friends, Community, State and Country in that order. I believe in patriotism to my country. And I thank God we have soldiers who are willing to protect my right to believe.


I wonder if Barak Obama’s Blue Sky over the Red and White landscape which represents our Republic form of Government is a symbol for a sunset over the Republic. Perhaps that is why he doesn’t put his hand over his heart during the national anthem because he remembers during the pledge of allegiance it says and “to the Republic for which it stands”. He proposes that Big Government should take care of us which diminishes the responsibilities of the individual, the community and the state.


I wonder if Barak Obama believes like his preacher of 20 years that promotes killing those who do not stand with them and damns the country I have loved and been proud of, even with its imperfections, all of my life.


I am afraid of Socialism, Communism and Dictators.


I am afraid that we could leave the world a harder place to live in for the generations to come because we want the Government to just give it to us.


I believe that we are in a time reflective of Aristophanes poetry. And where I disagree with his division of people by sex that there are different types of people and that Ecclesiazusae is indicative of the people we have in Government one more like the Republican Leadership the other like the Democratic leadership.


I believe we need leadership that will be fiscally responsible to get us out of this economic struggle and that if we choose the one who promoted no-doc loans and Acorn we will find our Great-great-great grand children paying the price in terms far broader than just economics.


I believe.


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29.09 | 23:57

Interesting... quite a few predictions have come true!

08.12 | 15:31

I thought FL would be like beach scene from Gidget. Nope. Boys at old middle school wore spurs! Rednecks R OK, Evil Old Men POSING as Good ole Boys R Nasty!!

10.09 | 00:39

Perhaps people should stop donations to any politician who votes for the bombing of Syria?

09.09 | 00:24

Who gave Obama the authority to send 100's of millions of dollars to the brotherhood and al queda for arms to begin with! We need to stop paying taxes till thi